Advent Countdown Chain

Today marks the first Sunday of Advent.  I grew up in a tradition that did not celebrate Advent, so these past few years of learning more and more about Liturgical traditions, I have grown to really appreciate Advent.

Last Sunday our church celebrated Christ the King Sunday, the last Sunday in the Church Calendar.  We celebrated (during a blizzard) with Family Worship Stations.  We have a Family Worship Sunday once every other month or so.  On Family Worship Sundays we do a shorter, kid-friendly homily and then move in to worship stations.  The stations usually include some art, some prayer, so writing, and even some tasting (if I can connect it to the text for the week).  This past Sunday we celebrated the kingship of Christ and the coming of the Advent season.  We made crowns, wrote prayers and decorated ornaments.

We were supposed to celebrate at the church building that day but had to meet in someone's house because the blizzard knocked out power at the church building we use. Due to the limited space (and the raging blizzard outside), we didn't get to put together these Advent chains together (they did go home with people though).

I wanted to share the resource if anyone wanted to print them and put them together with their family.  The tasks for each day are designed so that they can be done with or without kids, and without much time or expense.  The goal is to help remember what we are waiting for during this Advent season.

There is a topper that you can print off, and use a spare loop to connect the other loops to.  We used some shiny ribbon that I had at home to staple a loop to the top, and one to the bottom to connect the paper loops. 

If you want to download the PDF and print one to make with your household, I have uploaded it to GoogleDrive here: Advent Chain 2018

Clipart bought on Etsy:  Studio Desset