a trip and a wedding...

I spent the last week out of town.....

First I got the chance to go down to Atlanta to spend the weekend with my family there.  The Bowers have treated me like their own daughter since the summer of 2005, so it was great to get to spend the weekend with them.  On Sunday morning I got to go visit Northlake, the church I interned at while living with the Bowers.  Ike Reeser, one of my mentors (and his wonderful wife Gwyn, an amazing woman of God) celebrated 25 years of ministry at Northlake.  It was wonderful to get to be there for that celebration and see my family there.  I also got a chance to talk with some Northlake people about what I am up to these days. 

Ike, Gwyn and some of the kids from their ministry over the years.
One of my favorite Northlake girls...

Sunday night I had the chance to go to Nashville and see some friends there.  I also got some quality mom time, as she was in town for a work conference (insert free hotel here.) 

We flew back Thursday night to get ready for Adam and Ashlynn's wedding.  It was a lot of fun to get everyone together and celebrate them. 
My brother and his wonderful wife.
The beautiful cake Ashlynn made.

The pumpkins that sent Adam to the hospital for stitches...and the carmel apples that we spent about 10 hours making...all in love.

All in all it has been a fun, and busy past couple of weeks.  I must say though that I am so thankful to be back in KCK and grateful to be spending time with my Bhutanese friends. 

Pumpkin Patch!!!!

This past weekend we took some of the kids out to the pumpkin patch….we all had a BLAST!

Teej Festival

On Saturday September 20th I was invited to join my Nepali friends in celebrating the Teej festival. It was a lot of fun. Many of the community members shared their talents that day through dance, song and cooking.

Only about a month late....

We kicked off the new trimester on September 14th.  I know, I know, I am almost a month late with this one.... It was an incredible start.  A lot of times the first week back from any kind of break is somewhat chaotic because we are learning or relearning routines and meeting new friends.  So, I expected some chaos when we started back after almost a month long break from Kid’s Club.  Well, we were totally blessed because it really was the best kick off we have ever had (yes, it was only our 3rd kick off, but still, it was amazing).  God blessed the night and so many ways.  We had about 40 kids in attendance, and at least that many participating in the English and Citizenship classes.  It was great to see old friends and meet new ones and working on building those relationships.